La Tertulia

With the soul of a classic “Bodega”, bringing back the taste of the grill, Oxid La Tertulia, recreate those ambients where the share and the enjoy the moment make sense in a good table.

Located in one of this places of the authentic Barcelona, when the feel of neighborhood and the life in the street come together with the tradition and the vanguard.

A selection of wines and beers thought  to match perfectly with our specials dishes, the meet and the fish cooked on the grill, rices with the best seasonal products and our homemade desserts that define the soul of Oxid La Tertulia.


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Taste of


We propose to taste a cuisine that make you feel  the flavors of the firewood without go out of Barcelona.

As well you will find a daily menú with the best chef’s suggestions, made with best products founded in the market.


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Come, relax and




Tradition &


In Oxid La Tertulia you will find a unique room when the ancient wood was respected and complement with details recovered in “Les Encants” to preserve the style that an old “Bodega” deserves.

With a terrace in a unique square, silence, luminous,in wich you can enjoy our specials, our menu or even our selection of wines and liquors.